50th anniversary of Japan-UAE relations prompts exploration of new frontiers: Tokyo envoy


The envoy said, “My second ambition is to diversify economic relations into a variety of new areas of cooperation.” New areas in economic relations On these new areas, he cited the recent collaboration in aerospace projects such as the UAE’s Hope Probe – launched in Japan by a Japanese rocket – and the lunar exploration project, supported by a Japanese company. Cooperation in health care and food security can be explored further, he added.

The two countries have long-standing cooperation in oil exploration, production and trade, the ambassador said. “More than 30% of crude oil imported from Japan comes from the United Arab Emirates. Japan’s main export products to the UAE are automobiles and machinery in which Japan enjoys a strong competitive advantage. In recent years, the links have extended to new areas such as infrastructure, renewable energy, outer space, defense industries, agriculture and food, medicine and health, retail, tourism, content and creative industries and sports, he explained.

Japanese companies are involved in power generation, desalination and railway projects, the envoy added.

The UAE hosts around 4,300 Japanese expatriates and 350 Japanese companies.

The United Arab Emirates, an important hub in the MENA region “I believe that the potential for the development of our bilateral relations is infinitely enormous, given the accumulation of our cooperation efforts … and the strategic advantages of the Arab Emirates United [such as] openness of the economy to the world and geographical feature as a hub of trade and transport, etc. “Isomata pointed out.

“The UAE’s social stability, quality business environment as well as the concept of tolerance provide good investment opportunities for the private sector.” The UAE is an important business hub for Japanese companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the diplomat said. “Dubai in particular is an ideal business center with its free zones, quality infrastructure and openness to foreign companies. Recently, many Japanese companies have established their regional headquarters in Dubai, which is an important gateway to the MENA region. Students, the Japanese language builds bridges Isomata believes that Japan and the United Arab Emirates have enormous potential for cooperation in the cultural field. “The two countries are also working together in the field of education and human resource development, which I believe is extremely important in shaping the future of the two countries together.” ? The Ambassador cherishes his meeting in Tokyo with a group of Japanese high school students, graduates of the Japanese School of Abu Dhabi, who are currently studying in Tokyo.

“I was very inspired, very encouraged too, to see them living in a totally different cultural context and studying with a good mood in Japan, each with the dream of going to higher education in mechanical engineering, political science, etc. , in the future.” The recent introduction of the Japanese language in three public schools in Dubai and Sharjah is a very important step, Isomata said. Classes had started in November 2021 and December 2021 in the two emirates respectively with native Japanese teachers.

Japanese martial arts such as judo, karate and aikido are also popular in the UAE. “In 2022, we will hold a series of cultural and sporting events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and the United Arab Emirates. I hope many people will join in the events and feel Japan even closer to ‘them.” Expo 2020 Dubai “The success of Expo Dubai in attracting many visitors clearly shows that even a global pandemic cannot prevent us from moving forward with wisdom and determination. I would like to commend the United Arab Emirates for hosting successfully this Expo”, commented the envoy. when asked about the UAE’s hosting of Expo 2020.

The theme of the Japanese pavilion is “Where Ideas Meet” and through an interactive approach, it offers visitors the opportunity to feel and understand a variety of ideas that can be a good foundation for a better future, a- he explained.

Expo Dubai holds special significance for Japan, as it will host Expo 2025 in Osaka, Kansai. “Its theme is ‘Designing the future society for our lives.’ Building on the legacy of Dubai Expo, we intend to provide a venue to discuss happy lifestyles for every individual and the future socio-economic system to support it.” International cooperation, climate action The UAE has an important position on the international stage, and it will continue to play this role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2022-2023, believes the Japanese ambassador.

“I would like to pay tribute to the Emirati leaders who are determined to lead the international community in many areas. I hope that Japan will play an even more active role with the United Arab Emirates in promoting peace and stability in the region. “, did he declare.

Japan and the United Arab Emirates have announced plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Japan’s and the UAE’s decarbonization efforts will further develop with cooperation in the fields of solar energy, blue ammonia and hydrogen, which have huge potential, Isomata stressed.

“We certainly welcome the UAE’s hosting of COP28 in 2023. Together with the UAE, Japan will work closely with the international community to address climate change issues.”

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