Japanese Nippon Express launches new vaccine transport service


First Japanese logistics company to collaborate with EMBALL’ISO, for the transport of vaccines

Nippon Express Co., Ltd., a group company Nippon Express Holdings, Inc., (NX Group) has become the first Japanese logistics company to collaborate with EMBALL’ISO, a French company with a proven track record in the transport of vaccines , launching a new international air freight service using environmentally friendly insulated packaging produced by EMBALL’ISO.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries, among others, require strict temperature control of their products during transport, and there is growing interest in environmentally friendly logistics services across all industries. As a key measure of its core business growth strategy, the NX Group has positioned the pharmaceutical industry as a priority industry in the “NX Group Business Plan 2023 – Dynamic Growth” and has thus expanded its transportation services under controlled temperature.

Nippon Express is the first Japanese logistics company to partner with EMBALL’ISO by developing a new service combining EMBALL’ISO’s high-performance reusable (non-motorized) passive insulated packaging with international air transport, thus improving its transport under controlled temperature. This new environmentally friendly service will help reduce its customers’ CO2 emissions while strictly maintaining the required temperatures during transport.


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