Will Japan’s SkyDrive Air Taxi be released in 2025?


SkyDrive, a Japan-based automotive startup, is now accelerating the development of the flying car, as Nikkei Asia reports.

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JANUARY 05: An attendee poses for photos in a prototype SkyDrive SD-03 ultra-light and compact flying vehicle that requires no leads at CES 2022 at The Venetian Las Vegas on January 5, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada .

Recently, SkyDrive raised 9.6 billion yen, which could push back the air taxi release by 2025. The funds they raised will go towards the research and development of the eVTOL aircraft and the operations, as well as the expansion of their engineering team.

With the new funds, the Japanese company would be able to deepen cooperation in areas such as the development of insurance products, the construction of charging facilities and the exchange of technical information.

The eVTOL aircraft is currently under review for certification by the Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. SkyDrive is also working with authorities to establish exam criteria and certification plans for the emerging industry.

The company’s vision is to see cars fly over Yumeshima, an artificial island where the World Expo will be held in 2025.

This new mode of transport will help reduce traffic jams. Additionally, it can be used for medical emergencies and disaster relief.

The company will expand overseas if all goes well at the Osaka World Expo. They aim to market the vehicle in India by March 2027 due to demand in the country known for its notorious traffic jams.

The company has also partnered with Suzuki Motor, whose main market is India. The two companies will work together to research and mass-produce vehicles for the country. However, India does not have any flying car regulations yet, but their eVTOL will be built to meet standards in line with those of the US and Europe.

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The flying cars of the future

With advancements in technology, flying cars will soon be the next big thing. It is the solution to many problems we face today. From traffic jams to environmental issues and medical emergencies, flying cars can solve all of these problems.

Many companies are currently working on the development of flying cars. Although many are skeptical about it, it is the future. The technology is already here, and it’s only a matter of time before we see flying cars in the air. We need to be more responsible about its progress and consider its impact on the environment.

With the advancement of flying cars, we will also see the development of technologies that will be used to make the roads safer. As with flying cars, this will help ease traffic congestion and make our streets safer for everyone. In the future, having a flying car may no longer be a dream. It is the promise of a better world to come.

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