Aba will rival China and Japan if elected, says DPP gubernatorial contender


Lucky Igbokwe, also known as Don Lulu, is the Chairman of 2Flame Entertainment, CEO of Lucion Towers Construction Company, Don Lulu Foundation and Founder of Green Peace Nigeria. He is a native of Umuahia in Abia State. His company ran gig promotions where Mavin Records Don Jazzy, Omoba D’Prince Sheyman recruited award-winning stars.

He is a member of the Nkwoachara neighborhood of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and aspiring governor of Abia State. He talked about a wide range of issues in this interview.

What role do you think zoning will play in how Abia decides its governance issues in the 2023 national elections? Will the zoning favor a wannabe from your part of the state?

According to the zoning that has been established, the 2023 elections are divided into two senatorial zones one is Abia Central and Abia North and I happen to be from Abia Central that is why I am able to ask my candidacy for governor under the People’s Democratic Assembly. Party, PDP. The three senatorial zones have been completed and the leader of the party believes that in order to ensure equity and fair play in the zoning formula of the Abia State chapter of the PDP, the North and Center should to start this zoning process again in relation to some of these people who are also fishing with all due respect to Abia South. So, to a large extent, zoning as it affects the center and the north should be the preferred one for running for the governorship of the state.

So yes and no the zoning is in favor of a contender from my part of the state which is Abia Central. The way the zoning works is it goes north, center then south which are the full senatorial zones so normally since it’s been around we’re told it can now come from any what area.

How will you address the insecurity in Abia, in particular and in general, what method(s) should be adopted to deal with the IPOB?

Once elected Governor of the State, my government will first be deeply involved in a thorough study and assessment of the situation on the ground so that we are armed with all vital information, and then we will move on to negotiations and dialogues between all parties and stakeholders involved. We will establish a timetable for negotiations and actions between the government and all parties involved to resolve outstanding issues. My government will invest tremendous time and energy to ensure that we see results and resolve temporary divisive issues and move to a state of permanent peace and security. I will personally play the role of mediator and catalyst in the peace process.

If you don’t pass the primary for governor of your party, what position will you take?

This decision will be made if the primaries are free and fair.

What are the most pressing items on Abia’s agenda that you will address immediately?

If given the PDP ticket and elected Governor, I will reposition Abia for economic prosperity by creating an enabling environment for industry to thrive, with a better approach to internally generated revenue that would reduce reliance on stipends. the Federation.

Payment of all unpaid retiree gratuities and pensions is of the highest priority. Education will be a major focus of my aspiration, the sector will be reformed to include not only building schools but also providing incentives for teachers.

We will revisit agricultural settlements, improve and empower the youth in particular and our people in general, through agriculture, the creative industries will receive a massive boost under our watch. Tourism will be made more attractive and visitors will come to discover our magnificent cultural heritage and sites.

We will take the commercial viability of our markets to unprecedented new levels with improved infrastructure and security. Abia will become the ICT hub in West Africa during our tenure. We will improve road networks and improve transportation. I will make sure there is a gender balance to make room for our women.
We will ensure that more young people are recognized and appreciated. We are very passionately committed to ensuring that Abia takes its rightful place in the community of states in the country. We are determined to replicate in Abia State the record of achievement of our hero, former Prime Minister Dr MI Okpara in the defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria.

What sets you apart from the pack of candidates for governor of Abia?

My decision to run was born out of hunger and a desire to add value and momentum against the backdrop of the aspirations of all the people of Abia State, who believe in youth as an option and take Abia at the much desired place occasioned by their mourning and wishing for good governance, inclusiveness and ensuring that Abia takes her rightful place in the courtesy of States

I have decided to come forward following calls from stakeholders including the oppressed, traditional rulers and prominent sons and daughters of Abia State and rise to the challenge, stand aside for protect our people from all forms of despair.

Having seen the roles and contributions of our former leaders, needless to say, they did their best, but I am here to invigorate our minds, spirits and souls to the much-vaunted dreams of our people for a better life.
I observed a common denominator in believing in young people as they say, that a State that trains its young people prepares them for a better future

Without the efforts of past leaders, however, it has become necessary for me to bridge the gap, to restore stability and rebuild the trust of our youth and the good people of our state.

To that extent, I have joined this race with a full chest, to say that I appreciate other people who also aspire to the same position, but however, I am committed to providing a better option, to galvanize the young, the men and women of Abia State, to instill a sense of ownership in our administration, which will bring hope and pride to our people.
I have the skills and experience required to harness the state’s vast resources for production and development.

My team and I are ready to turn the state around by revolutionizing all areas of governance with a focus on the masses.

It is very evident that Aba is a thriving manufacturing powerhouse on which the Nigerian economy and the whole of Africa can thrive. Its products are everywhere and we will support anything made in Aba. I will place the infrastructure that will support Aba to be “the factory of Africa” due to its strong business ecosystem.

Industrial production does not take place in isolation, but rather relies on networks of suppliers, component manufacturers, distributors, government agencies and customers who are all involved in the production process through competition and cooperation. We will therefore work on the business ecosystem in Aba to be competitive with other production centers such as Japan and China.

We will put in place a strategy that will cultivate an ecosystem to support the manufacturing supply chain, including manufacturing, low cost workers, labor, suppliers and customers.


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