BW Ideol and Tohoku plan new floating wind project off Japan


BW Ideol and Tohoku Electric Power have signed an agreement to jointly develop a commercial-scale floating wind farm off the coast of Kuji City in Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

The companies have now launched the feasibility studies needed to develop the project, which will use BW Ideol’s Damping Pool technology.

Under the Iwate Floating Wind Project, the two partners intend to work closely together to help bring cost-competitive floating offshore wind power to market early in Japan, according to a press release from BW Ideol.

“This agreement comes just months after the success of our ScotWind tender and confirms the merits of our two-pronged growth strategy as a co-developer of assets and as a provider of floating technology. Our teams are already hard at work and determined to carry out this project.”mentioned Paul de La GueriviereCEO of BW Ideol.

Earlier this year, BW Ideol signed an investment agreement with the Japanese JERA and the French ADEME Investissement to create an investment company to finance the co-development of projects using its floating wind technology over the next five coming years.

The floating wind technology provider, which already has a large-scale operating asset in Japan, last year struck a deal with Japan’s ENEOS Corporation to develop a commercial-scale floating offshore wind farm in the country and also has a partnership with Shizen Energy involving the same objective.

ENEOS Corporation is also a partner of Tohoku Electric Power for the development of the Happo Noshiro offshore wind project, in collaboration with Japan Renewable Energy Corporation (JRE).

Tohoku Electric Power, which has entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement for the entire output of Japan’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm, the 140 MW Akita Noshiro, is also a member of the Floating Wind Joint Industry Project (JIP) managed by Confiance Carbone.

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