Confectionery in Japan creates wine-flavored hard candy


KOFU, Yamanashi Prefecture – Newlon Confectionery Co. has developed candies made from locally produced wines to support the local wine industry hard hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Takaki Yazawa, the third-generation chairman of the confectionery founded in 1949, said he wanted to help the local wine industry and promote Yamanashi wines, which have become internationally famous in recent years.

“We hope to be able to offer a series (of wine candies) to motivate people to learn more about Yamanashi Prefecture and its wineries,” Yazawa said.

The hard candies are available in red and white, each made from a single wine from the same winery.

“You can enjoy the flavors of wine, and they come in cute heart shapes, which makes them a perfect gift,” said Akane Mishina, who oversees public relations at Okajima Hyakkaten Department Store in Kofu.

For red candies, Newlon Confectionery uses wine from Koshu-based Morita Koshu Winery Co., made from Muscat Bailey A, a representative grape variety for the production of red wines in the prefecture.

To make the white sweets, the company opted for a white wine produced from a major Koshu grape variety grown in the prefecture by Marufuji Winery Co., also based in Koshu.

The confectionery uses Isomalt, a less sweet tasting sweetener, to fully reflect the flavors of the wine.

A copious amount of wine is added during the boiling process, but most of the alcohol is evaporated.

Newlon Wine Candy is also available at retailers.

A single bag of wine candy, red or white, costs 680 yen ($5), including tax.

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