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The Japanese Embassy on Friday donated a grant of S$705,000 to the construction project of a classroom building for the Duruabu Rural Training Center (DRTC), Malaita province.

Representatives of Duruabu Rural Training Center and Japanese Embassy officials attended the donation ceremony.

Mr. YOSHIDA Norimasa, Acting Chargé des Affaires of the Embassy of Japan, said on behalf of the government and people of Japan that he was honored to sign the contract between the Embassy of Japan and the rural training center of Duruabu.

He said their support for the construction of a new classroom will improve the educational environment at DRTC.

He explained that the assistance will enable the training center to provide effective technical and vocational education to local youth.

“Vocational training plays a vital role as an integral part of human resource development and overall national economic growth in the Solomon Islands.

“Therefore, we strongly hope that a suitable educational environment provided by the training center under this grassroots project will provide local youth with quality employment opportunities and contribute to the socio-economic development of the Solomon Islands,” Mr. Norimasa said.

He pointed out that an important point of the project is the participation and contribution of the communities.

With their commitment to the training center, they are confident that the project will be completed smoothly and achieve the ultimate goal.

He added that he hopes this project will be remembered as a symbol of friendship between the people of Japan and the Solomon Islands for years to come.

Meanwhile, the President of DRTC, Mr. Rex Siofa’a Duruabu, representatives of the rural training center.

said on behalf of DRTC that he thanked the government and people of Japan for approving their project proposal.

He said that according to the Centre’s three-year development plan (2019-2021), the event is not an accident, as one of their main obligations is to seek help and support from donors.

“And we are grateful that the government and people of Japan, through the HUMAN AND BASIC SECURITY PROGRAM, have come to our aid in our quest,” Mr Siofa’a said.

He said the reason for this project and the problem they are trying to solve is that the institution’s listing currently indicates a real need to build four more classrooms.

He revealed that since the establishment of the center, the annual registration means an unstable increase in the number of registrations year after year.

“The school dropout data of almost 70% in five neighboring schools in the formal education segment further proved the willingness to implement this class project.

“Our national data on admission into the formal education system after the national examination years showed competitive enrollment and to some extent nepotism and greed had evidently sidelined many students in prospecting without placement all year round,” Mr. Siofa’a said.

He added that it had been a sad, sympathetic incident which, with the modernization of the training center, will only serve the victims.

He assured that with the approval of the project, the DRTC community is more than prepared and willing to lend their full support to the project before and throughout its implementation and completion phases and ready to fill the void. in case of lack.

Press room, Honiara


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