Environment Report: The decade to FY2030 is crucial for zero emissions


Japan’s environment ministry has stressed that the decade to fiscal 2030 will be a crucial period for the country to work towards the carbon-neutral society it aims to achieve by 2050.

The department’s annual white paper was approved by Cabinet on Tuesday. He notes that climate change is evident and describes the situation as a “climate crisis”.

The report says the current challenge focuses on fiscal year 2030, when the government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46%, compared to 2013 levels.

The ministry emphasizes that the actions of all members of society must be reformed and not simply be an extension of previous measures. He says a lifestyle change is necessary for every individual.

The report says local municipalities that aim to achieve net zero emissions by FY2030 will be designated as such and financially supported.

It says people will be encouraged to make efforts in their daily lives, such as reducing food waste, making homes more energy efficient and recycling clothes.

The white paper also mentions energy security and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He explains that renewable energy is an important domestic energy source for Japan and emphasizes the importance of introducing it as much as possible.

Environment Minister Yamaguchi Tsuyoshi told reporters after the Cabinet meeting that he wants local governments, businesses and every individual to take further steps to achieve net zero emissions.


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