High School Information Session Held for Foreign Students in Central Japan


Children and their guardians listen to an explanation about high school classes and the entrance examination system in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture on November 5, 2022. (Mainichi/Yuka Asahina)

YOKKAICHI, Mie – Overseas students, some of whom are unfamiliar with Japan’s high school admissions system, listened eagerly to explanations about entrance exams and coursework at an information session here on November 5 .

Some 50 local children, from sixth to third year of junior high school, and their guardians attended the session to learn about high schools in Mie Prefecture that accept students from overseas.

Six schools in northern Mie Prefecture, including Iino High School, Kuwana High School and Yokkaichi Yogo High School, participated in the event. After staff members introduced their schools, teachers offered one-on-one consultations to students in English and other languages ​​at each booth. Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog interpreters were also on hand.

Brazilian national Mariana Gushiken, 15, a third-year middle school student from Yokkaichi City, attended the event with her mother. “I like English, so I would like to study in a secondary school with strong language programs,” she said. “The briefing took place in an environment where we could easily ask questions, and my mother, who doesn’t understand Japanese, was also relieved that there was an interpreter.”

Junko Fujikawa of Sanshi International Understanding Education Research Conference, which organized the event, said: “Not knowing that there are entrance exams, some foreign students cannot enter high school due to lack of information. It is necessary that their parents understand high school. system too.”

(Japanese original by Yuka Asahina, Tsu Bureau)


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