Hitachi’s new train car plant in the United States presented to the media

Jiji Press
A new train car factory is being built by Hitachi Ltd. in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON (Jiji Press) – A new railcar plant currently under construction in Hagerstown, Md., by Hitachi Ltd. was presented to the media on Tuesday.

By investing $70 million in the plant, which will be completed in early 2024, Hitachi aims to expand its rail business in the United States.

At the plant, which is expected to create 1,300 jobs, the company plans to manufacture up to 800 subway cars ordered by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

In the United States, Hitachi currently has a wagon factory in Miami.

Andrew Barr, CEO of Hitachi Rail Ltd., which manages the rail systems business of the Hitachi Group, said the company also hopes to manufacture railcars other than those for metro systems at the new plant, including railcars for intercity railways.

The plant is expected to be able to manufacture 20 train carriages per month, ranging from subway carriages to high-speed train carriages, when it operates at full capacity.

Hitachi has won orders for high-speed rail cars in Britain.

Barr said the experience in Europe is a strength of the company.

Hitachi aims to capitalize on the anticipated demand for investment in trains and other environmentally friendly public transportation systems, following the enactment in the United States of the Infrastructure Investment Act as well as the Inflation Reduction Act providing for investments in measures to combat climate change.


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