IAEA to keep experts at Zaporizhzhia plant


The International Atomic Energy Agency said it plans to keep experts on hand as a permanent presence at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The facility is controlled by the Russian military.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi made the announcement at a press conference in Vienna after returning from a visit to the factory.

He said he left six inspectors on site to assess the damage. He says two of them will ensure a “permanent presence”.

Ukraine’s nuclear energy company said the IAEA would struggle to make an “impartial assessment”. He said the team was not allowed to enter the crisis center, where Russian troops are stationed.
The effectiveness of any surveillance at the factory is in doubt, as fighting continues nearby.

Meanwhile, the new school year in Ukraine is underway.
In-person classes have resumed at some schools, which are facing many changes and challenges.

In the town of Bucha, near Kyiv, many civilians were found dead at the start of the conflict. Children feel anxious and traumatized.

According to a doctor, “more and more children are suffering from stress. It is better to keep children away from such an environment to help them get better”.

The southern region of Kherson is largely controlled by Russian forces. Schoolchildren wave Russian flags.

A member of the pro-Russian group said: “Ukrainian leaders are trying to rewrite their history and teach it to children.”

There was an official announcement that Russian soldiers would remove all books from school libraries on the history and military of Ukraine. They will distribute textbooks on Russian language and history instead.

A school principal says he was told to provide a Russian-style education, but resisted.

In late August, Ukraine launched an offensive to retake areas under Russian control around Kherson.


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