Institutional Investor Releases Leadership Team for Japan in 2022


NEW YORK, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Institutional Investor Research announced the results of its 10th annual survey of Japan’s leadership team, revealing top CEOs, CFOs, relationship managers Japan’s investors and investor relations programs that best meet corporate governance standards and facilitate investment in their business. A total of 106 companies achieved a published position in the categories listed above to become an Honored Company, and 66 of these companies achieved the coveted recognition of Most Honored Company by placing in 2 or more of these categories. .

Results Highlights

The following companies landed top rankings by winning first place in the combined rankings in four categories for Best CEO, Best CFO, Best Investor Relations Professional and Best IR Program in their respective industries in the Japan management team 2022 survey, released today by Institutional Investor Research (Research II).

AGC (engineering materials), Ajinomoto Co. (beverage, food and tobacco), ANA Holdings (transportation), Daikin Industries (engineering and machinery), en-japan (professional/consumer services), Hitachi (electronics/industrial), JSR Corp (Chemicals), Marui Group Co. (Retail), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Banks), Mitsui Fudosan Co. (Housing and Real Estate), Nidec Corp. (Electronics/Components), Nintendo Co. (Games and Internet), Nippon Gas Co. (Energy and Utilities), Nippon Steel Corp. (Metals), Olympus Corp. (Medical Technologies and Services), Sekisui House (Construction), SoftBank Group Corp. (Broadcasting and Telecommunications), Sony Corp. (Electronics/Consumer), Tokyo Electron (Electronics/Precision Instruments), Toyota Motor Corp. (automotive), Unicharm Corp. (cosmetics and personal care).

The All-Star companies with the highest weighted scores earning first place in all five categories are: ANA Holdings, Daikin Industries, JSR Corp., Marui Group Co., Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Nidec Corp., Sekisui House, Sony Corp., Unicharm Corp.

This year, Sony Corp. stood out by achieving the highest weighted score with the top-ranked positions, as well as topping the Japan Management Team Leader Board in 2021.

510 investors and portfolio managers and analysts from 210 voting companies took part in this survey, naming a total of 499 companies in 26 sectors. The companies were rated in several key areas, including financial disclosure, services and communication, and ESG.

  1. Emerging trends identified:Electronics/Precision Instruments, Electronics/Industry, and Engineering & Machinery attracted the most attention this year. The “new normal” of online IR meetings has resulted in industry ranking changes for those navigating the new frontiers of a level playing field due to lack of travel.
  2. Feedback on the ESG:Gained in importance with the buy side saying it was of greater importance year over year, reflecting market sentiment and the shift in importance of the social aspects of ESG. We went into more detail around ESG attributes beyond perception to include strategy, engagement and disclosure.
  3. IR Performance Attributes:Investment professionals were presented with nine IR performance attributes to help assess the quality of IR, the two most important were found to be “Time to market (speed)” in financial disclosure and “The IR team is knowledgeable and empowered” in Services & Communications.

Michael Clemons, Japan Sales Manager, says: “2022 has seen a shake-up in sectors and rankings. The online environment versus traditional face-to-face meetings emphasizes the importance of relationships. The average number of years the majority of IR leaders have held their position is 1-3 years, compared to 10+ years in the past. The use of data and the strategic placement of IR agents in financial centers around the world has helped many of them become self-sufficient and rank among the best for the first time.

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