“Japan 2 Earth”: New Website Launched to Help Communities Achieve Development Goals


“It’s one minute to midnight on this doomsday clock.”

These were the words of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the opening of the United Nations (UN) Conference of the Parties (UN) on climate change (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021.

The message was clear: on climate change, we are racing against the clock. And since November 2021, time is running out.

Climate change is just one of the complex issues facing our world. Responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean energy, and gender equality are some of them.

These buzzwords are all part of our daily lives. But they are also part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that, in 2015, the Member States of the United Nations committed to achieving by 2030.

In the summer of 2022, almost half of the planned time to achieve these goals by 2030 has already passed. And never have the issues underlying the 17 SDGs been more pressing. The world is going through a global energy crisis as a war rages in Ukraine and economies devastated by COVID-19 continue to struggle.

Japan’s view is no better. The country is experiencing a sweltering heat wave, accompanied by the worst power crisis since the Great East Japan earthquake in 2011.

Sensing the urgency of this global concern, a passionate team under the umbrella of JAPAN Striker set out to engage individuals and businesses in the discussion, to amplify ideas and encourage the widest possible participation.

To do this, a new website has been launched: Japan 2 Earth.

From Japan to the world

The website was born out of a desire to share information about the challenges facing the planet and our region and what Japan is doing, and to encourage debate as solutions are sought.

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The logo chosen for the site is that of a green pheasant, the national bird of Japan, in the colors of the SDGs.

Japan 2 Earth’s tagline is “Sparking A Transition to the Future”, as the team seeks to foster a conversation about SDG initiatives.

No country or region can achieve the necessary changes alone. At COP26 in Glasgow, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pledged to help other Asian countries in the green transition.

As we move forward, what is Japan doing? What know-how exists and what do we still need to develop? What lessons can be learned?

The website will be a source of reports on issues, ideas, technology, local and corporate initiatives, exclusive interviews, company profiles and policies, all aimed at advancing conversations on the SDGs.

“Japan’s efforts on the SDGs range from innovative technologies and systems to traditional ways of using and protecting the environment that are just waiting to be rediscovered,” says the head of the new platform. editor-in-chief Susan Yoshimura, explaining the reasons for the launch. “We want to meet the demand for information on these, especially in English.”

Looking to the future, Yoshimura explains, “We hope to trigger actions not just in Japan, but around the world.”

Why now?

There is no better time than the present to address issues relating to the SDGs.

“Awareness of the SDGs is growing, but not fast enough. We really feel that if we want to help, we have to do it now and not miss this opportunity,” says JAPAN Striker editor Yasuo Naito, commenting on the pressure behind the site’s launch.

The start of the new project coincides with a key moment for JAPAN Strikeras the news and information site just celebrated its fifth anniversary in June 2022.

“We want to create a platform where people can share information so that new connections can be born,” Naito says, adding, “We also think it’s essential to share some of the things that Japan has done, that a lot of people don’t.. not heard of it.

According to the UN website, Japan ranks 19th in the world for its efforts to achieve the SDGs. For the country, our neighborhood and the world, there is still work to be done.

Highlighting the importance of the project, Hideaki Ota, representative of the board of directors of JAPAN Striker Explain :

During Japan’s economic growth, the country has proudly developed energy-saving technology. This was based on the national concept of “mottainai”, which means avoiding waste. It is high time to rediscover this foresight and wisdom and share it with the peoples of the world.

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The launch has already attracted the attention of many partners and collaborators, including: Hanoi Living, GLAMPROOK Iizuna, TSUNEISHI KAMTECS CORPORATION, THE KOBE CRUISE, Otani Seiun KK, Daiwa Corporate Real Estate Co., Ltd and Mori Building Co., Ltd. , just to name a few.

Join us as we spark a transition to the future with Japan 2 Earth.

Check out the website here.


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