Japan and Australia deepen defense relations with PH


The defense ministers of Japan and Australia separately agreed to deepen their countries’ defense relations with the Philippines in separate meetings with the officer in charge of the defense ministry, Jose Faustino Jr.

Japanese Defense Minister Yasukasu Hamada and Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ricard Marles met with Faustino on September 30 on the sidelines of the latter’s visit to Hawaii.

In a statement released yesterday, DND spokesman Arsenio Andolong said Faustino and Hamada spoke about “current security developments in the region, in particular the situation in the South and East China Seas.” .

He said the two officials also discussed ways to strengthen the defense cooperation of the two countries “through the possible conduct of maritime cooperation activities, technology transfers and dialogues at all levels, in order to meet the challenges of shared security and to advance cooperation”.

“The two officials agreed to discuss other cooperation frameworks that would broaden and deepen bilateral relations between the Philippines and Japan and support each country’s efforts to ensure a safe and stable environment,” he said. said Andolong.

Faustino and Marles also “exchanged views on the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

“They also explored ways to strengthen the bilateral defense relationship between the Philippines and Australia through maritime cooperation activities, counter-terrorism training, education and professionalization opportunities, and dialogues and consultations to address shared security challenges and advance common interests,” Andolong said.

Andolong said Faustino and Marles also discussed “prospects for multilateral training activities with like-minded countries to address traditional and non-traditional security issues.”


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