Japan calls on major emitters at COP27 to continue reduction efforts


Japan has called on major greenhouse gas emitters, including China and India, for greater cooperation in global efforts to combat climate change.

The ministerial-level talks began on Monday at the UN climate change conference COP27, which entered its second week in Egypt.

Ministers around the world discussed behind closed doors how to narrow the gaps between the estimated amount of greenhouse gas reductions needed to limit the rise in global average temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and the reduction targets set by each country.

Japan’s Environment Minister Nishimura Akihiro told NHK after the meeting that he stressed the need for developed and developing countries to work together to reduce emissions.

The minister said he told other participants that without the cooperation of large emitters, there would be little progress.

China tops the list of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, followed by the United States, India, Russia and Japan.

Nishimura said he has asked China, India and other emitters whose reduction targets are not enough to meet the 1.5 degree increase limit for cooperation.

He referred to the Egyptian President’s remarks that the 1.5 degree target must be met urgently.

Nishimura said many countries have shown a positive attitude about cooperating in this effort, but others have expressed reluctance.

Industrialized countries want emerging economies to do more to cut emissions, but emerging countries are reluctant to make further cuts.

The question now is whether the two parties can narrow their differences and work together to create an effective reduction plan.


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