Japan contributes in Armenia to advancing the implementation of climate commitments


The Government of Japan has generously donated US$900,000 to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Armenia to advance the implementation of the country’s national climate commitments.

Implemented in partnership with the Government of Armenia, in particular the Ministries of Environment, Emergency Situations and Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, the new Japanese-funded project will strengthen the country’s climate resilience and will help scale up its adaptation measures, with a focus on vulnerable populations. population groups, including farmers and enterprises run by women.

Specifically, it will help Armenia improve climate information and knowledge to reduce loss and damage and plan the implementation of evidence-based adaptation actions.

One of the interventions planned under the project will support the Center for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring, under the Ministry of Environment, to strengthen its capacities for weather forecasting and hydrometeorological monitoring service as well as its risk reduction actions. climate at all levels. This support will ensure that the country is better equipped to deal with emerging climate challenges.

HE Masanori Fukushima, Ambassador of Japan to Armenia, Hakob Simidyan, Minister of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, and Natia Natsvlishvili, UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia, launched the new partnership today, reiterating their commitment to help Armenia fulfill its commitments under the Paris Agreement as well as its social and economic development goals.

“The increasing frequency and intensity of hydro-meteorological hazards are inflicting enormous losses and damages, especially to agriculture and infrastructure. In this regard, we are convinced that improving the technical, technological and professional capacities developed in the under the program will significantly contribute to overcoming these challenges,” said Hakob Simidyan, Armenia’s Minister of Environment.

Speaking on the strategic objectives of the new partnership, HE Masanori Fukushima, Ambassador of Japan to Armenia, noted that “in the modern world, as the dire danger of climate change and global warming looms over us all, we must take timely and effective measures to avert disaster. I sincerely hope that this assistance will prove timely and relevant in reducing the risks of climate change and achieving the emission reductions that are expected to decline significantly by 2030.”

UNDP is helping countries around the world, including Armenia, update their Nationally Determined Contributions and increase their climate ambition, through the Climate Promise initiative. As the initiative enters its second phase, UNDP is now helping countries meet their ambitious commitments, with Japan as a new partner.

“The new initiative builds on the results of UNDP’s successful collaboration with government and other stakeholders in the areas of climate, environment and disaster risk reduction, contributing to national priorities in line with country’s commitments under the Paris Agreement,” said Natia Natsvlishvili, UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia.

At COP26, UNDP launched the next phase of the Climate Promise – From Promise to Impact – scaling up support to turn NDC goals into concrete actions in at least 100 countries. Japan becomes the biggest supporter of this phase of the pioneering and revolutionary initiative and joins long-standing financial partners Germany, Sweden, the EU, Spain, Italy, as well as the new funding partners from the UK, Belgium, Iceland and Portugal to accelerate these efforts.


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