Japan destroyed a satellite carrying a rocket, know what the problem is


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Self-destruct message sent after failed rocket launch
The rocket was designed to be launched in three stages.
Japanese space agency destroys rocket for fear of falling to the ground

Tokyo, Japan’s space agency JAXA (JAXA) sent a self-destruct message on Wednesday after a failed rocket launch. According to a report by the AFP news agency, JAXA sent a self-destruct message to its Epsilon rocket after a failed launch, after which Epsilon itself would be destroyed. The unmanned rocket, designed for a three-stage launch, was carrying multiple satellites into orbit on its sixth space mission, the space agency said.

Destroyed for fear of falling to the ground
A JAXA official told TBS television in an interview that the rocket could not safely continue its flight due to a fault. The space agency fears that the Epsilon rocket could pose a hazard if it falls to the ground, so scientists sent a message to destroy the rocket to avoid an accident. The manager said that there is not much information available yet about the cause of the problem.

First failed rocket launch after 20 years
Public broadcaster NHK and other outlets claimed it was Japan’s first unsuccessful rocket launch since 2003. JAXA’s live broadcast was suddenly cut off shortly after the launch from Japan’s space center . ‘Uchinoura in the southern region of Kagoshima, which led to an assessment of the problem with the rocket, reports NHK. Let us tell you that the Epsilon solid-fuel rocket has been in service in Japan since 2013.

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FIRST POST: October 12, 2022, 2:46 p.m. HST



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