Japan plans to fund CMAC project


Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have signed the preparatory survey and minutes of discussion for the construction of a training complex and a center outreach for the CMAC as well as the further development of the Mine Action Peace Museum. be funded by the Japanese government.

CMAC Director General Heng Ratana and JICA Tokyo Senior Advisor Komukai Eri signed the minutes of the discussions at CMAC headquarters in Phnom Penh on Friday.

A JICA team had been in Cambodia for three days to prepare the survey and write the project report.

Ratana said that the objective of the project is to improve the education/training environment for personnel related to mine action, not only within the Cambodian Mine Action Center, but also in other related institutions in Cambodia and other mine-affected countries.

He added that the initial idea of ​​the project was to promote understanding of mine-related issues and peacebuilding and to preserve the skills and experiences that CMAC has stored to date by building and improving the functions of the Mine Action Technical Institute and the Outreach Facility.

“These can contribute to the achievement of a mine-free world and a sustainable society as well as to the reduction of poverty.

“The preparatory study on the project for the construction of the training complex and awareness facilities of the Cambodian Mine Action Center is to be provided, if approved, by Japan.

“JICA will study and evaluate the project requirements, the construction project and the minutes of discussions that have been signed between CMAC and JICA,” Ratana said.

On the Mine Action Peace Museum in Siem Reap, Ratana said Japan’s aid will see work on anti-war efforts, particularly as a repository of knowledge to educate the younger generation on the legacy of the Cambodian war and the remnants of the post-war period.

Nakadomari Kazue, president of the Okinawa Peace Support Center, who was with the JICA delegation to study the CMAC project, said she would discuss the project in more detail with JICA leaders.

“I think the project is good and I also want to see the project become a practical implementation, but I don’t promise that it will come true because I’m not the only one who makes a decision on this project,” said Kazue.


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