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The Japanese government and people have supported Beiporo Primary School in Vella La Vella, Western Province, with a grant of $686,000 for the construction of a classroom building.

A signing ceremony to seal the deal was signed in Honiara on Wednesday.

Representatives from Beiporo Primary School and officials from the Japanese Embassy witnessed the signing of the grant.

Acting Chargé d’Affaires of the Japanese Embassy, ​​Mr. Yoshida Norimasa said on behalf of the Japanese people that he was honored to sign the contract between the Japanese Embassy and Beiporo Primary School.

“We will support the construction of a new classroom for the primary school in Beiporo. The total grant amount is approximately S$686,000. This aid will enable the school to provide an appropriate educational environment for the students,” Mr. Yoshida said.

He explained that one of the priority areas of their assistance under the human and basic security program is support for basic education.

“Education plays a key role in the development of society and the country,” Yoshida said.

He added that education brings a lot of support and encouragement to everyone and opens doors to a bright future for children.

“The Solomon Islands is still a young country with lots of children with lots of dreams.

“Therefore, we believe that this project will have positive impacts on the socio-economic development of the Solomon Islands. And I hope this will further strengthen the cordial relations between the Solomon Islands and Japan,” Mr. Yoshida said.

He underlined an important point of this project, it is the participation and the contribution of the communities.

“Communities must be the driving force of the project. With the engagement of the communities, we are confident that the project will be carried out successfully and smoothly and achieve its ultimate goal.

“I sincerely hope that this project will be remembered as a symbol of friendship between the peoples of Japan and the Solomon Islands for years to come,” Yoshida said.

Besides the financial assistance, the Japanese Embassy also donated 5 face mask boxes containing 3,000 face masks in each box to the primary school and community in Beiporo.

Meanwhile, Beiporo Elementary School Principal Robson Apusae, on behalf of the school and the community of Beiporo, thanked the Japanese government and people through the grassroots program for responding and accepting their request for support for the education of their children.

“The project will really be an advantage in helping our children have a good learning environment.

“Provide job opportunities to our local skilled people and at the same time our children will benefit from a more conducive learning environment,” Mr. Apusae said.

Thus, he said, the community is committed to supporting and completing the project on time.

Press room, Honiara


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