Japanese Ambassador Kunihiko Kawazo visits NEHU


Guwahati: Japanese Ambassador to India Kunihiko Kawazo and Political Advisor Kentaro Orita expressed deep appreciation and appreciation to the fraternity of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) for holding an extremely productive bilateral discussion on such diverse issues as academic and cultural collaboration in the near future.

A meeting was held between the visiting Japanese delegation and the NEHU faculty and student community under the aegis of the new Office of International Affairs (OIA) of NEHU and ICSSR-NERC, according to a statement.

Visiting Japanese dignitaries were presented with NEHU’s achievements over the past half-decade, and the visiting team appreciated NEHU’s strategic location and contribution to a wider field of knowledge.

Ambassador Kawazo, in his speech, called on the NEHU fraternity to strengthen the existing Indo-Japanese relations.

He referred to the multilateral agreements that were currently reached during the discussion between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Kishida Fumio.

Kawazo spoke of India’s close partnership with Japan in areas such as science and technology, trade, as well as in the area of ​​people-to-people relations.

Appreciating NEHU’s natural environment and infrastructure, he compared NEHU to the cityscape of the University of Tokyo, of which he is a famous alumnus.

He emphasized at length the possibility of collaborative work by NEHU with the Japanese foundation responsible for the dissemination of Japanese language and culture.

The diplomat urged NEHU for its enthusiasm in teaching Japanese language and culture and expressed great confidence in the vibrant, dynamic and impactful members of the NEHU fraternity to achieve higher goals of learning and research in the fields of Japanese language, literature and culture.

Political Advisor Kentaro Orita explained his natural affinity with NEHU as he exclaimed amid loud applause of his desire to become a student here at NEHU.

The adviser further stated the stated goal of Japan’s deep interest in the geostrategic importance of northeast India and linked it to NEHU’s unique socio-cultural and educational ecosystem.

The role of NEHU in elevating the region towards pan-Asian and global dissemination of an advanced level of intellectual contributions is highlighted by the advisor.

He emphasized the people-to-people relations between Japan and Northeast India which have acquired a new dimension in terms of action policy in the east.

Going through Japan’s role in the policy of acting east, he projected the possibility of closer ties between academic institutions, university/industry collaboration across Japan, and overall the possibility of a greater investment by Japan for the benefit of the people of northeast India.


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