Japanese Mitsui Chemicals invests in waste collection company Apeiron Bioenergy

Japanese producer Mitsui Chemicals has invested in Apeiron Bioenergy, a collector and seller of used cooking oil in Southeast Asia and China, the two companies announced on Wednesday, without disclosing the value of the investment, reported HERE.

“Apeiron Bioenergy has successfully closed an equity financing round from Mitsui Chemicals,” the Singapore-based company said in a statement.
“The funds will help Apeiron increase its capacity to collect waste-based feedstocks in Asian markets and position the company for exponential growth in the face of growing demand for renewable feedstocks for advanced biofuels such as diesel fuel. sustainable aviation (SAF),” he said.
Apeiron Bioenergy collects and processes a range of renewable feedstocks, including waste cooking oil (UCO) and palm oil mill effluent (POME).
Mitsui Chemicals, in a separate statement, said the investment will help it “expand its supply of biomass feedstocks as it seeks to meet growing demand for bio-based chemicals and plastics.”
The company plans to become carbon neutral by 2050.
Mitsui Chemicals said it was the first company in Japan to use bio-based hydrocarbons, which were introduced at its Osaka Works site in December 2021.
“Mitsui Chemicals has been using them ever since to initiate a transition from biomass to chemicals like phenol, as well as plastics like polypropylene (PP),” he said.

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