Japanese Politician Outlines New Plan To Reduce Salary Gaps In Anime Industry


The anime industry has created some amazing stories over the decades and it’s no surprise that with technology continuing to advance, the medium is gaining popularity in North America and around the world. However, there is something of a dark cloud hanging over the industry when it comes to the treatment of many creative minds behind countless series and movies. Now, a manga artist-turned-politician is coming up with a controversial idea that he hopes can ensure artists and industry workers get their fair share.

Akamatsu has worked on anime franchises such as I love Hina, I love you, and a number of other properties, dipping into the realm of politics via the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and running for office in this year’s House of Councilors election in the country. In a recent blurb, the manga artist-turned-politician had this to say when it came to an idea for how the anime industry could be better supported:

“These days, Japanese anime works and movies are big hits! However, I also hear that the results have not been returned to production for various reasons. This will cause the culture to decline! How about giving preferential treatment to the tax of hitting the work and using the refund in the industry?It is not possible for the government to provide support from the beginning.We will support the work once he will have succeeded.

Last year, Akamatsu joined voice actor Atsuko Enomoto to discuss the issues currently facing the industry, with the actor having this to say about the current state of the industry that needs fixing:

“The fees for animation work are too low. We can raise prices, but the reality is that there is dumping. Most companies cannot raise prices. Only those who have been playing for a long time and are confident can afford it.We are asking for better work environment, but we know there is no money for production, so we have been saying for a long time that maybe there will be no improvement, and we wonder what to do.

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