Japan’s logistics infrastructure expansion demand continues to grow in 2022


According to CBRE’s 2022 Survey of Japanese Occupiers’ Use of Logistics Facilities, the demand for expansion and modernization of Japanese logistics facilities continues to grow.

When asked which measures would be prioritized in the medium term (the next three years), 56% of respondents indicated that the focus would be on opening new logistics facilities or expanding locations and surface on the ground. This was the priority initiative for one in three companies, suggesting that tenant demand for logistics facilities is likely to remain firm in the medium term.

Other measures raised by a significant number of companies related to the issue of labor shortages, including “introduction/improvement of mechanization and automation” and “improvement of ‘work environment and employee safety’. The fact that “upgrading existing facilities and equipment” was identified as a priority by a sizable percentage of respondents also highlights tenants’ focus on upgrading and improving facility efficiency. logistics.

“Reinforcement of the transmission and distribution network” and “consolidation and relocation of facilities” were also raised as key issues by many companies. In addition to the already pressing problem of labor shortages, logistics tenants now face the “2024 problem”, which will see stricter enforcement of restrictions on overtime for truck drivers. In addition, rising fuel prices create an additional burden. The survey results reveal that amid this increasingly austere business environment, steps are underway to restructure logistics networks more efficiently.

Few corporate tenants have recognized “ESG initiatives” as a key priority. However, the proportion of respondents who mentioned ESG initiatives increased from 8% last year to 14% this year. Combined with answers to questions about environmental performance, tenants’ environmental awareness is clearly on the rise.

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