JICA has sent over 2,500 Dominicans to Japan for training in areas key to the country’s development


Source: ZDigital

During the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Dominican Alumni Association of Japan (ADEJA), the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) revealed that more than 2,500 Dominicans have been able to train in this country thanks to the program of knowledge co-creation that was executed as part of the collaboration to impact the development of the Dominican Republic. ADEJA leaders highlighted that these professionals have contributed through a variety of projects in the seven sectors – health, education, environment, tourism, risk management, competitiveness and local development – which are crucial for the sustainable growth of the country. during the celebration that took place at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). In this regard, ADEJA calculates that more than RD$100 million has been invested with the help of JICA through various projects carried out at the national level in these seven axes.

Since it is the growth and strengthening of human resources that, together with the contribution and exchange of knowledge, promote the improvement of countries and workplaces upon the return of scholars to Japan, the knowledge co-creation program “fulfills one of the most significant and enduring contributions of the Japanese government to recipient countries,” according to JICA. Japanese Ambassador to the country, Takayagi Masahiro, and local JICA representative, Takayuki Kondo, presided over the celebration of ADEJA’s 40th anniversary. They expressed their gratitude for the work carried out by the alumni in various communities of the Dominican Republic. Outstanding alumni attended the meeting and presented the results of the projects that ‘they have undertaken over the past forty years after receiving training in Japan in the seven areas of educational impact covered by the program, in addition to exchanging experiences and anecdotes.

According to Cándida Sosa Almánzar, President of ADEJA, “The Dominican authorities have in the volunteers an important asset for the country with highly qualified professionals to support the execution of sustainable development projects in the areas in which we have been trained” .


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