Journalist killed in kyiv attack


Residents of the Ukrainian capital had spent nearly two weeks in relative calm. But on Thursday, the calm in kyiv was shattered by Russian missiles. Now the mayor is telling the townspeople they are the targets.

Townspeople rushed for cover when two missiles slammed into their neighborhoods. One of them hit a building. Rescuers found a body under the rubble. They identified her as a reporter for a US-funded independent news organization.

A Russian defense official said his country carried out the attack. Igor Konashenkov said that high-precision, long-range air weapons destroyed the production facilities of a rocket company and the space industry.

He also showed video of another strike involving cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Black Sea. He said they hit military targets.

The Ukrainians are not backing down, however. President Volodymyr Zelensky held a ceremony to present medals to his troops.

He said they will fight the occupiers until they liberate their land and their people, and until they answer for every death and every devastation.

A US defense official said Russian forces were focusing most of their attention on southern Ukraine and were making “slow and uneven progress”. However, the official added that leaders in Washington do not believe the Russians would dare to use nuclear weapons…despite their rhetoric.


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