Kaohsiung, Japanese students exchange gifts and ideas

  • By Liu Tzu-hsuan / Editor, with CNA

Undeterred by the COVID-19 pandemic, an elementary school in Kaohsiung and its counterpart in Japan have struck up a friendship, with Taiwanese students gifting their Japanese peers with handmade disaster prevention balaclavas.

Students from Jhongsiao Elementary School in Kaohsiung selected the material, made the template and sewed the caps, which were sent to students from Tomioka Elementary School in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Classes on textile art creation and international cultures are part of the basic classes at Jhongsiao Primary School, Kaohsiung Education Department said in a press release yesterday.

Photo courtesy of Jhongsiao Primary School via CNA

As students master their craft, the school hopes to inspire them to understand the potential disasters their foreign friends face and offer practical help, he said.

The school usually organizes an overseas learning trip for students every year, the press release said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented students from interacting face-to-face, they were able, through video calls, to share insights about their cities and the environmental issues facing their hometowns, according to the statement. hurry.

Photo courtesy of Jhongsiao Primary School via CNA

During the exchange, nine sixth-grade students from the Japanese school took turns giving presentations in English, followed by a discussion during which they answered questions posed by the Taiwanese students, a- he added.

Students on both sides cited earthquakes as one of the disasters facing their cities, and the commonalities stimulated a lively discussion about preventative measures and personal experiences, he said.

Students from Tomioka Elementary School made huge lithograph prints of the nine participating students to commemorate the exchange and thanked their Taiwanese counterparts for the lovely gifts, he added.

Tomioka Elementary School Deputy Principal Kakumoto Masaki said Taiwanese people are passionate and friendly, adding that it was a pleasure to conduct exchanges with the Kaohsiung school.

Japanese student Taisuke said he hoped to continue exchanges with Taiwanese college students and promised to visit Kaohsiung when the pandemic is under control.

Jhongsiao Elementary School’s academic affairs director Yang Chih-wei (楊志偉) said that students can apply what they have learned through these international exchanges to create a better environment.

Taiwanese students said they appreciated the opportunity to befriend their Japanese peers without traveling abroad or learning Japanese, adding that they would be braver in their interactions with foreigners in the future. .

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