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KAWASAKI, Japan, February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Latest news from institutes affiliated with Kawasaki INnovation ggateway to SKYFRONT (KING SKYFRONT) with an online event hosted by Tokyo United Network for Innovation with Technology and Entrepreneurs (T-UNITE) at KINGSKYFRONT; iXflow, Inc. at KINGSKYFRONT Announces Innovative Point-of-Care Testing System mTAS Technology



Online event hosted by Tokyo United Network for Innovation with Technology and EntrepreneursT-UNITEat KINGSKYFRONT

Creating innovation in nursing and care by leveraging local resources

The event was organized to meet the needs of the university of KING SKYFRONT (Center for Professional Education, Kanagawa University health services) using the local resources of the KING SKYFRONT location and the companies of Kawasaki city ​​with the aim of creating seeds for innovation.

Additionally, the event was a cooperative initiative with Kanagawa Prefectural University and the City of Kawasaki. The JST Social Return Acceleration Program (SCORE) and the Tokyo United Network for Innovation with Technology and Entrepreneurs (T-UNITE) also contributed to the event. The Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute also cooperated in organizing the event by supporting the industry-university-government collaboration between KINGSKYFRONT and Kawasaki City.

The organizers plan to hold such events in the future to create innovation at KINGSKYFRONT.

The event was opened with congratulatory speeches from representatives of T-UNITE, the Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute and the Vocational Training Center, Kanagawa University health services.

The keynote address was a plenary lecture by Dr. Nobuhiko OkabeDirector General of the Kawasaki City Institute of Public Health on “Expectations for Nursing Sites in the Age of Infectious Diseases”.

This was followed by talks by sister organizations on “Aiming for regional resource visualization”.

The following lecture was on the “Report on the results of the workshop “Problems of nursing/care sites related to infectious diseases” by Sanae Matsunaga (Manager of Practical Research Section, Center for Practical Education, Kanagawa Prefectural Health and Welfare University and Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Welfare).

The presentations were followed by a round table before the closing speech of Toru Asahi (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University).

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iXflow, Inc. at KINGSKYFRONT Announces Innovative Point-of-Care Testing System mTAS Technology

iXflow, Inc. has developed an innovative point-of-care testing system that is fast, portable, and allows testing anywhere, including clinics and households. The system is safe, stable and automated and does not require special skills from the operator. The system is a closed A4 notebook sized input and output system where results are available in less than 30 minutes. mTAS technology was developed through a collaboration between The University of Tokyo and Nikon Corp, and Product developed/manufactured by iXflow.

mTAS technology

The core technology is a cartridge composed of a reaction system using a loop-like flow path that allows total all-in-one dosing. The cartridge is a simple structure composed of resin plate grooves and an elastomer film. Tiny valves in the cartridge allow transport and mixing of reagents for analysis. Sample pre-treatment, purification, reaction, sample wash, detection and result output processes are all performed in the cartridge.

Target apps

  • Rapid, on-the-spot COVID-19 genetic testing (real-time PCR)
    No hassle to test by inserting a test cartridge into the device. Inspection begins with the press of a button and results are displayed within 60 minutes.
  • Protein assay as a test for measuring antibodies in the blood (ELISA test)
  • Children with fever caused by respiratory infections for fast pain relief.

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iXflow, Inc.
Inside the Nanomedical Innovation Center
25-03-14 Tonomachi, Kawasaki District
Kawasaki City
HP: (Japanese)
TEL: 03-5050-2224


The Kawasaki INnovation Gateway (KING) SKYFRONT is Kawasaki City’s flagship science and technology innovation center. KING SKYFRONT is a 40-hectare area located in the Tonomachi area of ​​the Keihin Industrial Region which extends Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo International Airport (also often called Haneda Airport).

KING SKYFRONT was launched in 2011 as a foundation for academics, industry, and government administrators to work together to design practical solutions to global issues in life sciences and the environment.

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KING-SKYFRONT iNewsletter Publishing Team

TONOMACHI LifeScience Cluster Division, Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion Life Science & Environment research center (LiSE) 1F,

3-25-10, Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi,

Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan210-0821

E-mail: [email protected]

Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute (KIIP)

The Kawasaki Industrial Promotion Institute was established in 1988, 100% funded by the City of Kawasaki with the goal of dealing with industry burnout and changes in demand patterns. In order to achieve a higher level of market development, transform R&D-type enterprises, form technological capabilities to support it, develop human resources, understand market needs, etc., using Kawasaki functions , KIIP has contributed to revitalizing the economic local by promoting local industry information exchange, advancing technology and enterprise exchange with the establishment of R&D institutions, developing creative human resources through the through workshops and promoting businesses such as expanding sales channels through exhibitions.



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