Meiko Network Japan: Announcement of Establishment of Sustainable Development Committee and Approval of TCFD Recommendations


July 28, 2022

Company name: Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.


Kazuhito Yamashita,

President and Deputy Director

Stock code:

4668 (TSE Premier)


Kouyuki Sakamoto, General Manager,

General Manager of Corporate Planning


Such. +81-3-5860-2111

Announcement of the creation of the sustainability committee and approval of the recommendations of the TCFD

During the board meeting held on July 28, 2022, the Company decided to create a sustainability committee and approve the recommendations of the TCFD. The details are as follows.

1. Object of the establishment

The Company, as a pioneer in personal education, has provided high quality educational opportunities for men and women through its activities under the two management philosophies of “aim to nurture human resources by our contribution to educational and cultural programs” and “to help achieve goals through our development and dissemination of franchise know-how” and the educational philosophy of “nurturing creative and independent human resources for the society of the 21st century through a one-to-one tutoring service that promotes self-motivated learning”. While taking up this Founding Philosophy as the “Founding Spirit”, we aim to become a “business group that opens up people’s possibilities” by creating various companies that provide services that meet the needs of the times in order to respond to the rapid changes in the social environment, with as a starting point Don’t ‘goal’ and ‘create a memory of’ you can if you think you can. ‘”

We will establish a sustainability committee to accelerate our efforts to create a sustainable society by recognizing sustainability issues that need to be addressed through our business activities as new revenue opportunities.

2. Role of the Committee

In addition to contributing to a decarbonized society, we have decided on important issues to achieve sustainable management, including the provision of high quality education, respect for human rights and the dissemination of diversity. We have formulated a “Core Sustainability Policy”, which aims to achieve a balance between business value and environmental and social value. In addition, in order to examine long-term strategies of risks and opportunities related to climate change using scenarios adapted to our business, we support the recommendations of the TCFD* (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Information Disclosure) and promote voluntary and proactive information disclosure based on recommendations.

3. Composition of the Committee

Chaired by the President, the Board of Directors is made up of senior executives, including outside directors. Also, with a view to improving the company’s value in the medium and long term, the Company will gradually enrich the content of its thinking through active dialogue with outside experts.

4. Creation date November 18, 2022 (expected)


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