Netizens marveled at train ride through Japan’s ‘maple leaf tunnel’


Train journeys give the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes. Japanese railwayswhich traverse some of the most scenic landscapes in the country, give the sightseeing experience a head start by altering train speeds and lighting to help passengers better appreciate the view.

The Japanese Eizan Electric Train regularly passes through a track of 280 Japanese maple trees (known as the Maple Leaf Tunnel) located near a mountain valley north of Kyoto. To ensure commuters can bask in the beauty of the maple trees, the train turns off its interior lights and begins rolling at a slower pace.

The “Maple Leaf Tunnel” offers the best view during the fall season, which lasts from mid-September to early December, when the maple trees are full of red and yellow leaves.

A video of the ‘Maple Leaf Tunnel’ train view is going viral after being posted to Twitter by Taras Grescoe (@grescoe) on Tuesday.

Commenting on the undated video, a Twitter user wrote, “it’s almost like transportation could be a nice part of life that allows us to be present with our community and surroundings, rather than something we let’s grumble as soon as possible 🥹 🥹🥹”.

Another person wrote, “How wonderful! Great appreciation of beauty and nature! It’s such a nice integration to enjoy your surroundings. ❤️❤️💖”


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