New opportunities to create for the coop. between Iran, Japan in the automotive industry


Considering the friendly and friendly relations existing between Iranian and Japanese automakers, Japan’s Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran Kazutoshi Aikawa said that if the sanctions are lifted, new opportunities will be created for cooperation between the Iran and Japan in the automotive industry.

Speaking during his visit to the Automotive Industry Development Exhibition in Tehran, he said that he got familiar with the salient progress and breakthroughs in the Iranian market, especially in its industry. automobile.

He then highlighted the manufacturing of electric vehicles and new pick-ups that were showcased at the expo and appreciated the major steps taken by Iranian automakers in this area.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Japanese envoy called the Iranian market “profitable and lucrative” and said that there are many opportunities for all automakers in the world in the Iranian auto market, which is very promising.

Regarding the sanctions imposed on Iran, Aikawa said that if the sanctions imposed on Iran are lifted, new opportunities will be opened up for Iranian automakers.

He then expressed hope that the sanctions imposed on Iran would be lifted as soon as possible.

In the end, the Japanese envoy to Iran highlighted the diversity of cars produced by SAIPA Automotive Group and said the group has strong potential to produce high-quality cars in different classes.

The diversity and models of cars manufactured in SAIPA Automotive Group are high.


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