Professor Emeritus Kyoji Tanaka receives the 2022 Grand Prize from the Architectural Institute of Japan


Professor Emeritus Kyoji Tanaka received the 2022 Grand Prix from the Architectural Institute of Japan. The award was given to Professor Emeritus Tanaka for his “systematization of building waterproofing technology that contributes to building longevity and social contributions to research, education and industrial fields related to building waterproofing.” buildings”. Founded in 1886, the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) is an academic organization dedicated to the advancement and development of the science, technology, and art of architecture. It plays a major role in the Japanese architectural community and currently has around 35,000 members. The AIJ Grand Prize is awarded to individual members who have made a particularly significant contribution to the development and improvement of architecture-related science, technology and art through their achievements over many years ( in principle, three prizes are awarded each year).

Commentary by Professor Emeritus Kyoji Tanaka

Professor Emeritus Kyoji Tanaka

Much of what this was awarded for was due to the support and cooperation of professors, colleagues, students and others at Tokyo Tech. You are the reason for this award and I am truly grateful to you. I was born in Sapporo and studied architecture at Hokkaido University. However, my research supervisor, Dr. Michio Koike, had transferred to Tokyo Tech, and because of that, I came to work at Tokyo Tech’s Engineering Materials Research Laboratory (later Materials and Structures Laboratory and Structural Engineering Research Center) as an assistant in 1971, immediately after completing my master’s program. The building at the time was filled with well-known teachers working in their heyday, ones I had only known about through books, magazines, etc. Makoto Yoshioka, Dr. Kazuo Goto, Dr. Toyokazu Shiire, Dr. Kiyoshi Seike, Dr. Kazuo Shinohara, Dr. Morihisa Fujimoto, Dr. Hiromi Kobayashi and others – and I felt shy. The department was friendly, however, and the professors approached me unassumingly and quickly welcomed me to the building group. This continued until my retirement in 2011.

I think Tokyo Tech is liberal, and I think that’s good for the Institute. It was strict on what I was looking for and in the assessment against the standard, but there were no authoritarian constraints and I was able to work on my research unhindered. What I found most wonderful at Tokyo Tech was that I was always surrounded by my high-level seniors, colleagues, and juniors who discussed my research with me. It was the best environment to refine the quality of my research. It is an asset that cannot be measured in monetary value, and I continue to believe that Tokyo Tech is a wonderful institute.

Research topic and achievements

Systematization of waterproofing technology for long-life buildings and social contribution to research, education and industry in the field of waterproofing.

Contribution to the longevity of buildings with the sealing of buildings
The development of the cross-sectional study of building waterproofing with the fields of building materials and construction methods
International contribution with the waterproofing of Japanese buildings
Contribution to research, teaching and application areas of building waterproofing
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