Starlink makes its debut in Japan, with a KDDI integrator agreement


KDDI shared an image of a Starlink installation in Japan. Photo: KDDI

SpaceXStarlink’s internet service is now available in parts of Japan, and the company has signed an agreement with the Japanese telecom operator KDDIName act as a Starlink integrator.

SpaceX tweeted the announcement in Japanese on Monday, translated as “Starlink launches service in Japan – first country in Asia”. Starlink’s service map shows that satellite internet service is available in parts of the main island of Japan, including the Tōhoku and Kantō regions, and parts of the Chūbu region.

KDDI then announced the deal on Thursday. KDDI will act as an authorized Starlink integrator for customers in rural and remote areas. The company has been performing technical demonstrations of Starlink in Japan since 2021 and said it has proven “service quality and performance, including for use in mobile backhaul.”

KDDI also pointed out that the service can be useful during natural disasters.

“Starlink’s unparalleled performance fits perfectly with our ongoing efforts to bring the urban mobile experience to rural customers,” said Makoto Takahashi, President of KDDI. “With Japan’s over 16,000 mountains and 6,000 islands, Starlink’s state-of-the-art satellite constellation is uniquely suited to provide Japanese businesses with reliable and long-lasting internet connectivity, even in the event of a natural disaster.”

SpaceX is now targeting partners for its Starlink service, and the company has announced service provider agreements with Speedcast, marlink, and Anuvu. Jonathan Hofeller, Starlink’s vice president of sales at SpaceX, told World Satellite Business Week recently that he is working to secure deals with outside partners and that more announcements are coming.

“We are excited to bring a new dimension of connectivity to KDDI customers who need reliable, high-speed, low-latency Internet on land and at sea,” commented Hofeller. “Having recently launched Starlink in the country, we look forward to delivering a powerful solution that we have seen provide essential connectivity in over 40 countries where Starlink is available.”


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