Toyota pressures Japan to step up efforts on electric vehicle infrastructure


According to recent reports, Toyota has successfully lobbied the Japanese government. The Japanese government has made it clear in a policy document that it will give equal support to hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda, who also chairs the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) industry group, said during his lobbying process that if the Japanese government does not do so, it will lose industry support. automobile.

Toyota would come under increasing scrutiny from environmental investors. They accuse Toyota of being too slow to switch to battery-powered cars. On June 14, Toyota said the company wants to offer a variety of options to suit different environments and customers. The company believes that the infrastructure necessary for the transition to pure electric vehicles is not ready. Therefore, hybrid vehicles remain the best possible solution.

Toyota pledged last year to spend 8 trillion yen ($60 billion) on vehicle electrification by 2030. However, half of that will be used for pure electric vehicles. Either way, the company expects annual electric vehicle sales to be just 3.5 million units by 2030, about a third of current sales.

Toyota’s problems with its first purely electric vehicle

According to reports, Toyota has submitted a recall request for the bZ4X model to the Japanese Ministry of Transportation. That’s 2,700 vehicles, because the wheels can be loosened, and the bZ4X is Toyota’s first mass-produced pure electric vehicle. It hit the Japanese market two months ago. In China, the Toyota bZ4X launch conference originally scheduled for June 17 did not take place. According to reports, Toyota discovered during a recent test that the bZ4X battery management system would malfunction in an extremely cold environment, causing the battery to fail to charge. Until now, the car has been a problem for the automaker. However, the company still has time to clear things up and win back user trust.

It’s natural to see Toyota trying to increase its efforts in the electric segment. After all, demand has increased exponentially in recent years. Even luxury brands are launching electric vehicles. We predict that the electric segment will be a vital force in the automotive industry by 2030.


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