US to sell defense equipment to Taiwan


The US administration of President Joe Biden has decided to sell equipment related to the Patriot air defense system to Taiwan.

The administration said Tuesday that it had notified Congress of its decision.

The proposed deal is for $95 million and includes support for the operation of the Patriot system and related equipment.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said a total of more than 250 Chinese military aircraft entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone from January to March 22. The number was double that of the same period last year.

The U.S. Department of Defense said, “The proposed sale will help maintain the recipient’s missile density and ensure air operations readiness.” He also said, “The recipient will use this capability as a deterrent against regional threats and to enhance homeland defense.”

The United States is increasingly suspicious of China, which has refused to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Washington fears that Beijing is trying to achieve reunification with Taiwan on the back of its military force.

A spokesperson for Taiwan’s presidential office expressed deep appreciation for the decision, adding that it shows that bilateral relations are “rock-solid”.


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