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The latest ACA Cinema Project series spotlights contemporary female directors, producers, filmmakers and screenwriters from Japan alongside a selection of classic films.

Always from two of us (© Risa Negishi)

As an investigation into the growing prominence and visibility of women in film, the latest ACA Cinema Project series The Female Gaze: female filmmakers from JAPAN CUTS and beyond focuses on the pivotal roles that female artists play behind the camera in Japanese cinema, from directing and scriptwriting to producing and cinematography. This range of screenings and premieres to Japanese company in New York includes new mainstream and independent works by JAPAN CUTS alumni and emerging talent, as well as a selection of classics. The series offers a much-needed deep dive into the notable and unsung contributions of women to contemporary Japanese cinema.

The female gaze kicks off November 11 with Akiko Ohku’s high wedding — followed by a discussion with the filmmaker and an opening night — and continues with the latest works by Riho Kudo (orphan blues) and Mayu Nakamura (among us four). Series Highlights Include Shuichi Okita’s Charming A summer storyshot by cinematographer Akiko Ashizawa; Nagi Islanda slice-of-life summer tale produced by industry veteran Kumi Kobata (A Million Yen Girl); and Naoko Ogigami Riverside Mukolitta on November 18, followed by a discussion with the director and a reception. A women in cinema panel discussion featuring talent including Ogigami to precede Chie Hayakawa’s east coast premiere Diet 75Japan’s submission for Best International Feature at the 95th Academy Awards.

The female gaze also includes a classic focus on screenwriters Yoko Mizuki and Natto Wada. Japan Society will present the international premieres of two new 4K restorations — Fire and His brother – written by the screenwriters and directed by Kon Ichikawa. As part of the ACA Cinema Project, Filmmakers on the Rise will showcase the recent work of emerging talents Naoya Fujita, Risa Negishi and Nanako Hirose.

Presented by Japan Society and Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, The Female Gaze: female filmmakers from JAPAN CUTS and beyond will take place from November 11 to 20. Tickets are on sale now for in-person screenings, with discounted prices for members.

For more information, visit japansociety.org.

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