Yo-Kai Express, Supported by Scrum Studio for Japan Expansion, Launches 24/7 Self-Catering Platform with Japan’s Largest Railway


The American startup Yo-Kai Express represents the second of Scrum Studio American startup to grow successfully Japan

TOKYO & SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scrum Studio today announced the official launch of the Yo-Kai Express Inc.. autonomous catering platform Japan, the Silicon Valley-based startup’s first major expansion. The first machines of this type will be available in three transport slots, including from Japan Haneda Airport Terminal 2, JR East Tokyo Station and Shibaura Parking Area. Thanks to Yo-Kai Express’ innovative vending machines, travelers on the go will now be able to enjoy freshly made gourmet ramen, just like those served at street food restaurants.

Yo-Kai Express is an innovative self-catering platform that serves contactless, freshly prepared meals with over 30 menu varieties around the clock. Yo-Kai’s proprietary cooking technology makes hot ramen noodles available on demand.

For his Japan debut, Yo-Kai will feature four original ramen flavors (Chicken Yuzu Shio, Tokyo Shoyu, Sapporo Spicy Miso, and Kyushu Tonkotsu), as well as Ippudo Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen and Ippudo Plant-Based (Tonkotsu-style) Ramen coming soon.

“We are very excited to bring Yo-Kai-Express to Japanthe birthplace of ramen,” said Andy Lin, founder and CEO of Yo-Kai Express. “Our vision has always been to achieve Japan and we are extremely pleased with the positive reception Yo-Kai is receiving from consumers and organizations. Thanks to the partnerships we forged through Scrum Studio, we now have products in three highly visible locations in Japan and we look forward to expanding our platform to bring other types of food innovation to from Japan food ecosystem. »

Yo-Kai is one of the 85 startups selected by Food Technology Studio – Bites!a Scrum Studio open innovation program that helps US startups grow and establish themselves in Japan. Through this relationship, Yo-Kai gained business development and key partner introductions like the one with JR East, from Japan larger railways. More recently, the company established its Japan headquartered in K, D, C,, in JR East’s food tech coworking space, where it hones its technology and tests its ramen offerings with world-renowned chefs. Yo-Kai is the second Scrum-backed startup to gain a foothold in Japanafter Miles, the popular universal rewards app, which recently launched its Japan subsidiary company.

“We are honored to support the launch of this first-of-its-kind ramen vending machine in Japan,” mentioned Masami Takahashi, President of Scrum Studio. “In a short time, Yo-Kai Express has established its brand and demonstrated a vision around self-catering solutions for Japan. It’s great to see such an innovative startup enter the Japanese ecosystem with strong customer and partner support, like JR East. We are excited to see how Yo-Kai is growing globally.”

About Yo-Kai Express Inc.
Yo-Kai Express (YKE) is a fast-growing global food technology startup with offices in Northern California, Japanand Taiwan. YKE is redefining stand-alone gourmet restaurant solutions using patented technology that performs last-mile cooking of a range of hot and cold, savory and sweet menu selections. YKE first launched the robotic platform, designed for high-traffic areas such as airports and ski resorts, in 2018, delivering steaming hot bowls of Tonkotsu ramen around the clock and in less time. one minute. For more information, visit yokaiexpress.com/about.

About Scrum Studio, Inc.
Scrum Studio, Inc. is an open innovation platform created by Scrum Ventures, formed to bridge the gap between iconic Japanese companies and startups around the world. The platform focuses on three pillars to create new business opportunities: acceleration, incubation and connection. Its vertical studio programs include: Well-beingXSPORTS TECHNOLOGY TOKYOSmartCityX and Food Tech Studio – Bites!

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